Mr. Yoga’s Teacher Training Testimonials

Below are testimonials from students who have trained under Mr. Yoga Daniel Lacerda and are featured in the his New York Times Best Selling book 2,100 Asanas.

“Rarely do you meet a guru who is as down to earth, fun and generous with his knowledge as Daniel. When I think that I can’t, he shows me that I can. He has the education to put me into advance poses that a run-of-mill teacher would not know how to approach, let alone do.” – Eva Mok

“The first time I did one of Daniel’s yoga classes, I was hooked. I had no idea a yoga class could be such an amazing workout. I learned more in one class with Daniel than I had learned in all the classes I had been doing for the last 10 years! His yoga training combines not only his incredible depth of knowledge of yoga, but also nutrition, kinesthetics and physiology. Daniel’s no nonsense training approach is extremely effective and produced results within days of following his regimen. He has an incredible ability to draw out the fire inside that you didn’t know existed. Daniel will push you outside your comfort zone, past the limits you have on yourself because he genuinely believes in you and helps you believe in yourself. Thank you Daniel, for giving me the tools to help myself and help others too!” – Victoria Bergin

“Dan is a phenomenal yoga teacher! His deep and extensive knowledge, genuine passion and desire to enlighten people and help them succeed and live a happy healthy life with purpose have truly made him a master of his art. He always brings out the best in his students and it’s thanks to his special approach to teaching, his sense of humor and his encouragements that I have been able to grow as a yogini and get into asanas I never even thought I would be able to do. He truly is an inspiration! ” – Valeria Goncharova

“Being a regular student of Daniel has taught me to accomplish physical feats I never would have dreamed I could do. His humour is refreshing and makes classes fun while getting a tremendous workout. Those that think Yoga is just a relaxing, easy stretch class meant for people who don’t want to push themself have surely never taken a class with Daniel. After over 20 years of working out with weights, Daniel’s Yoga classes are more fun for me and a perfect complement to weight training that works muscles in a way weights alone never do.” – Corrado Mallia

“Working with Daniel has been both educating and inspiring. His fresh perspective, knowledge, support, and guidance has given me the personal insight and tools to achieve my goals.” – Paula Olivera

“I believe in our life time that there is a reason why we meet certain people. Certain people inspire and lead – I believe Daniel is one of them. Daniel has been my yoga teacher and mentor for many years. One cannot help but like Daniel. He is full of life, charisma and humor. I like his “just do it “philosophy. It does not matter if you are old, fat, and inflexible – given time with regular practice you CAN do the yoga pose that seemed impossible at one time. He is driven with passion, once he sets his mind on something, there is nothing that can stop him. As an advanced yoga practitioner he leads by example, very often showing us a yoga pose that seems impossible to do, but given enough practice, we can do it too. But at a deeper level, this winning attitude can apply to everything in our lives.  I am grateful to have Daniel as my friend and mentor. He keeps me inspired and smiling.” – Aggie Metford

“Daniel’s approach to health and fitness has no tricks. He taught me that with hard work and, most importantly, consistency it’s possible to achieve your yoga goals in record timing. Doing poses that seemed impossible is a great feeling! – Taisia Steflyuk

“Daniel has an upbeat and fun approach to teaching yoga classes that captivates you. Thank you, Daniel, for being my mentor, you have inspired me and changed my life!” – Katerina Diat

“Before meeting Daniel, I used to only weight train. Daniel has taught me the importance of all components of fitness: strength, endurance, and flexibility. His inspirational personality and enthusiasm for teaching others has helped me get into the best shape of my life!” – Justin Lam

“Daniel’s knowledge and perception of the human form is second to none. His charismatic energy is unstoppable – he inspires you to work harder, be stronger and stay disciplined to ramp up your fitness game to the highest level.” – Rachel Mourier

“Daniel’s deep knowledge of the human body helps you get to the next level of your yoga practice faster. His classes are not only educational, but also always fun to be part of.” – Elena Breitman

“Daniel stands out from others because he teaches you that you are your biggest competition. Not the pose, not other yogis, but yourself.  He has mentored me mentally to overcome every “I can’t do this” moment in class and has always pushed my limits so that I will always keep growing.” – Dasha Chu

“Daniel is such a positive motivation and an inspiration. As a teacher and friend he is a joy to be around, always looking for ways to improve himself and others to reach their full potential. I am a professional performer and have always tried to push my physical limits but when I started taking classes with Daniel I found myself making and reaching new goals in both my strength and flexibility. Thanks Daniel.” – Kristen Sehn

“I’ve been taking Daniel’s classes for many years because he consistently motivates and inspires me. His refreshing approach keeps things fun while kicking my butt into shape. Thanks Daniel!”Carolyn Lum

“Daniel has truly changed my life and my body. Daniel’s sense of humor and positive attitude are infectious. All of his knowledge and enthusiasm is like a magnet that draws you in. Daniel’s demeanor, personality and beautiful smile make the pain and sweat from the workout worthwhile. I feel great and have never looked better. Thank you Mr. Yoga Daniel Lacerda! You are a true body Guru! Namaste.”  – Susan Marchese

“Daniel has a unique approach to health, fitness, yoga, and life. He embraces opportunities and challenges with drive and enthusiasm. Daniel’s positive outlook and knowledge has helped me to improve my overall health and fitness régime. Through his influence, I have developed inner strength and confidence in my abilities both mentally and physically. If you are given the chance to spend time to learn from Daniel, seize it!”  – Frances Lorenzo

“Daniel’s wealth of knowledge in yoga, nutrition, and fitness inspired me to reach my goals. He will make the appropriate modifications for you no matter what you’re level of fitness is.  As my yoga teacher and mentor, Daniel has given me the tools to achieve more than I ever thought I was capable of. I would not have completed my Teacher Training with anyone else. He continuously strives for greatness, and his innovative approach to health and fitness will motivate you to change your life! Thank you Daniel for all you have taught me, you truly are the “God of Yoga”.  – Vanessa de Sousa

“Loosing weight seemed like an endless battle that I fought for years. Through the unique teachings of Daniel, I have learnt creative and effective technics to loosing weight. His in depth knowledge and passion for healthy living has motivated me to take the time to focus on my health and body. His “no dogma” thinking has allowed me to step out of the box and become my own creative self. Without a doubt, Daniel is one of the most enthusiastic, knowable humans I have ever met.” – Venessa Segobind

“Daniel is the only yoga teacher worth training with. Everything else does not even come close. I tried many other yoga instructors, and it is impossible to find anybody doing the things Daniel is trying to do with his students. Most of other instructors keep churning the same 20-30 basic yoga poses over and over. Daniel gives his best and expects you to give your best. Daniel changed the way I look at Yoga and motivated me to try things I never believed I could ever do.” – Paul Marcovici

“I met Daniel many years ago in 2005 at Extreme Fitness, when he first started his e-book and teaching his amazing zen yoga classes. Ashtanga style.! As I was looking for a teacher to train with and dive deeper into my practice, I took his class and immediately loved his dedication, his spirit and his ninja like energy that attracted me to him. He spoke about energy, how to harness it in your practice and on your mat. He shared his one on one techniques he studied with his master while on his yoga journey in Asia, these techniques he integrating it into his Ashtanga practice. I loved it, and felt it was so unique. He was one the only male athletic yogis at that time, that I met teaching the yoga 8 Limbs Ashtanga philosophy. Daniel is so amazing and he was my first introduction into yoga. I love, honor and respect him and all teachers along the lineage. He has shared his energy and techniques with me. Now 10 years later I’m a teacher, still following and teaching the practice he taught me and other modalities of yoga along my journey located here in San Diego. Im so honored, grateful and lucky to have learned from a great spirit like Daniel and be part of an amazing yoga community that Daniel has created. High vibrations, love vibrations always. Love to all beings.” – Josiah Batson

“Mr. Yoga is the best at what he does! Which is helping people exercise the best practice in yoga and making them laugh! It was an absolute pleasure learning and working with Daniel, he really helped to improve my yoga abilities and all while having the best time! What a super stud!” – Menaka Iyer

“Daniel is a natural motivator. He pushes you to your maximum whether he is calling you out when he knows you can work harder or praising you when you’ve reached a goal that you’ve worked hard for.” – Laura May

“Like many busy people, exercise fell on and off my priority list. I never considered myself one of those naturally athletic types. I met Daniel by fluke at one of his yoga classes. At the time I had only been going to yoga once a week but the moment I took Daniel’s class I knew immediately I was learning from someone extraordinary. I went from a casual yogee to 4 times a week and accomplishing goals I never before thought I could make for myself. He is unbelievably motivational and charismatic. For those who have the opportunity to learn from Daniel, through fitness, diet or by words of positivity and happiness, listen well and he will change your life.” – Karen Helena

“Daniel is an inspiration! His classes are what sparked my interest in fitness after realizing how amazing I could feel . I owe my success to his great advice and his ability to provide me with a challenging yet really fun workout. He motivates you to want to be the best version of you and not give up!” – Elissa Radocchia

“It is said that “teachers who love teaching teach students to love learning.” I believe Daniel’s passion for teaching is evident in this regard as he inspires his students to recognize their potential, promoting self-confidence, strong will, and determination. Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration.” – Matthew Bonas

“Since 2005 I have been travelling the world to learn different fitness disiplins, before doing yoga I had my own thoughts of what it involved but after taking park in Daniels yoga class was blown away on his way of teaching, he makes it fun but you get a sense that he his at the height end if not one of the best yoga teachers around. I have since been to several different yoga studious around the world and alway leave thinking that was ok but not at good as Daniels way. Also as competitive Crossfit athlete he has basically saved my body from several potential injuries.” – Neil Frain

“Dan took my yoga practice to the next level. Before I started yoga with him I had been doing yoga for 7 years and never thought I could do a head stand. The very first class with him he got me in a head stand, and now along with all the different variations of head stands, its one of my favourite poses. Dan is the greatest yoga instructor!” – Cynthia Cabal

“Daniel helped me get my body to the next level. People always ask me who trained me in yoga, and I always recommend Daniel’s classes. His deep knowledge, lively personality and his great smile make all the hard work he makes me do in class more enjoyable.” – Jemma Babayva

“Daniel’s personality and passion for yoga and fitness has inspired me over the many years I’ve known him. His attitude towards training and teaching brings out the best in my practice. Very blessed to call Daniel my teacher and friend- Thank you!” – Michael Cheung

“Mr. Yoga = success. I am a mom of two little boys, busy, with little time left to myself. After two pregnancies I was overweight, left with an array of health issues and imbalances. I’ve tried going to the gym on my own, tried some group exercises. Nothing kept me motivated. Nothing showed results in the little time I had cut out for myself to believe it was actually making any difference in my health and overall appearance. I had the luck of stumbling on Daniels classes and that’s when everything turned upside down (literally, in the infamous headstands). I have never had someone push me to do better, or believe in my abilities more than Daniel did. The structure of his class is so upbeat and energetic you don’t have the time to doubt yourself, but just go, go, go. You don’t feel tired, because of how smart he has positioned the intensity with time for relaxation. You get into this motion with everyone is the class, because the way he is as a teacher is inclusive to everyone, making every student feel important, and a part of something super awesome. By the time you are done – you feel like you are capable of so many things you never knew you can do or never thought of being possible. This guy routs for you, he genuinely shows interest in your well being, in you ability to recognize the fact that you can accomplish anything you set out to do. And that translates into your success. I was able to loose all my “baby” weight, get into lean, toned shape and most important for me – my health issues were diminished to non-existent. I have improved my flexibility, core strength and endurance. I am forever grateful for this experience.”Olga Quigley

“Daniel’s approach to yoga practice is well-researched, and broken down into doable steps, so it is easy to incorporate in your everyday life. His advice brings about positive change and health benefits.” – Hagar Cohen